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Best Securden Password Vault Alternatives for Enterprises

Securden is an all-in-one access governance platform. The Password Vault for Enterprises is just one of their offerings along with an endpoint privilege manager, an account manager, etc. While the password vault is not their primary product, it is quite comprehensive as a professional password management solution. 

It packs many useful features, including central access management, integration with major authenticators, and auto-password rotation. Enterprises can choose either a cloud-based or a self-hosted on-premise version of the platform.

Top Securden Password Vault alternatives and competitors

Securden password vault for enterprises combines a comprehensive suite of features and functionalities. Only a handful of competitors can come close, and only a few can surpass it. Here are our top four picks, starting with the Danish password management tool Uniqkey.  

Uniqkey – the #1 alternative to Securden password vault for enterprises

Uniqkey business password manager

Uniqkey is a password and identity management tool built for European businesses. Uniqkey features zero-knowledge architecture, military-grade encryption, and the rare option for offline password storage, but two things make this platform really special.

  1. Data stored with Uniqkey never leaves Europe, a quality that has significant positive implications for GDPR compliance.
  2. The platform is equally valuable for IT admins and employees. It provides unparalleled control to the IT department regarding access management and shadow IT identification. 

Key features

Zero-knowledge encryption

Uniqkey authenticates users using zero-knowledge proof. That means the platform verifies a user’s identity without learning the password, ensuring that user data is inaccessible to the password manager itself.

It secures sensitive data in the event of a server breach. Also, the master password created by the user never reaches the server in an unencrypted form.

Automated employee login and 2FA auto-fill  

Human error is among the leading factors in data breaches. Uniqkey has attempted to minimize human participation in the authentication process. When an employee requests access to an account, they can get it simply by approving the request on their phone—there is no need to copy the password, open a browser extension, or type anything.

The platform even fills in 2FA information keeping the users even further from phishing attempts.

Centralized access control and shadow IT monitoring

IT or security admins can monitor, control, grant, and revoke resource access from a central dashboard. Admins are alerted to anomalous access behaviour and the access logs are easily auditable.

The shadow IT monitoring feature sharpens the product. The IT department can easily discern all devices and applications connected to the company network without sanctioning it. 

Secure password sharing

Unsafe password-sharing practices seriously threaten enterprise security, but they’re unavoidable in a collaborative environment. Uniqkey solves this problem with its secure password-sharing feature.

The platform allows sharing of encrypted login credentials and other sensitive information between groups and teams. Access can be granted for a specific time range. The user can also control the level of access. The admin can easily track password-sharing history. 

All-round password management

Uniqkey comes with all common password management tools and features, such as a password generator, password encryption and storage, separate vaults for work and personal credentials, password reset, and multi-device sync.

The user also has the option to store their passwords on their device for additional safety, making it a one-of-a-kind solution for password management. 


  • Top-notch access management with simple access monitoring and shadow IT diagnosis 
  • Offline password storage
  • User-friendly interface and stellar customer support
  • Zero-knowledge encryption for future-ready password security
  • Data is kept within Europe


  • Dependent on the availability of the phone app by default (although users can skip phone authentication)
  • Pricing information is not readily available on the website

#2 Hypervault

Like Uniqkye, Hypervault keeps all user data within Europe. However, Uniqkey one-ups it with the offline storage feature. Hypervault offers centralised password storage, sharing, and management capabilities. It integrates with Microsoft Azure Active Directory for easy SSO and comes with useful secret management templates. 

Key features

Secure document sharing

Hypervault lets users create vaults for all important documents to be shared with certain groups or clients. These documents are encrypted and access is granted through invitation. Admins can easily monitor the documents.

Templates for structured storage

With data storage templates built into the platform, it’s easy to organise data. Different templates have unique fields for specific purposes. 

It also packs common password management features like password encryption, storage, and auto-fill.


  • Secure document sharing capability 
  • Integration with Microsoft SSO 
  • Data is kept within Europe


  • Some users have faced issues with password backup and export 
  • It often requires users to log in twice – once in the extension and again in the workspace – decreasing efficiency. 

#3 Bitwarden

Bitwarden is a popular open-source password manager with some simple but important features. It generates, stores, and supplies passwords. It integrates with SSO providers to streamline enterprise usage. The admin console comes in handy for creating password policies and managing access.

Key features 

End-to-end encrypted password vault

Bitwarden uses end-to-end AES-256-bit encryption to ensure password protection. The passwords are not accessible by the password manager. 

Centralised access management

Bitwarden’s admin console helps security admins grant and revoke access and create enterprise password management policies.


  • SSO integration and multi-platform accessibility
  • Independently audited


  • Doesn’t use zero-knowledge encryption
  • The auto-fill feature is not seamless
  • Security comes at the expense of user-experience 

#4 Passbolt

Passbolt is an open-source password management solution built in Europe and used by companies worldwide. Users can host Passbolt locally or in the cloud. Passbolt makes it easy to share access to individual passwords and entire vaults based on privilege. It uses end-to-end encryption to secure passwords.

Key features

Password management and sharing

Passbolt offers secure sharing options for individual passwords, entire vaults, or a specific group of passwords. It helps you set up password expiry so that passwords are rotated regularly. It supports two-factor and multi-factor authentication.

Account recovery

While users retain ownership of their master keys, Passbolt offers account recovery if a user loses their key. 

Granular access control

Secrets are encrypted separately for each user when given access to them. Access is shared on a password level and not a vault level. When access to a password is revoked, the secret itself is removed from the database.


  • Password-level access control
  • Penetration testing reports published regularly
  • SSO integration
  • Keeps data within Europe


  • Doesn’t use zero-knowledge architecture
  • Not the most user-friendly product

Which password manager can best replace Securden password vault for enterprises?

We have listed the best Securden password vault alternatives; no obvious choice exists. All listed tools allow unlimited password storage, state-of-the-art encryption, and a host of password security solutions, including a password generator, digital vault, and centralized vault control. We have looked at both cloud-based password managers and self-hosted options. 

Enterprises must choose a password manager that best suits their specific use case. Nevertheless, here are some features that one should always look for in a password management system.

  • Zero-knowledge encryption to ensure data security during a server breach
  • Smooth workflow for employees
  • Audit logs and easy compliance
  • Ease of operation and customer support
  • Centralised control and multi-platform support
  • Streamlined 2FA and logins
  • Future-ready solution

🏆If you are looking for an effortless password security solution that neatly fits into the profile of a password vault for enterprises with future-proof features and near-perfect user support, you must try Uniqkey.

If you are looking for an open-source password manager, both Passbolt and Bitwarden are worth considering, although Passbolt is more developer-friendly.   

Utsav Chopra

Utsav Chopra serves as the Product Marketing Manager at Uniqkey A/S, specializing in cybersecurity. He authors blogs to educate individuals on online safety and effective password management. Utsav possesses practical experience with drones and robots and has successfully launched multiple SaaS products. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science Engineering.