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LastPass Breached

LastPass Breach: Time To Take Your Business Elsewhere?

In a recent cyber attack, popular password manager, LastPass, suffered a data breach exposing customer data and compromising encrypted password vaults.

Given this development, many users, particularly those from the business sector carrying substantial risks, are exploring alternative solutions. This article discusses why Uniqkey could be a suitable replacement for businesses contemplating migrating from LastPass

LastPass Suffers Another Breach

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a concerned LastPass user, and your worries are not without merit.

In August 2022, LastPass announced another data breach. While the initial statement claimed that no sensitive customer data was at stake, recent developments have contradicted that assurance.

LastPass Reveals Hackers Accessed Sensitive Customer Data

LastPass reports indicate that hackers obtained encrypted password vaults belonging to LastPass customers and personal data like names, emails, and phone numbers. The hackers used cloud storage keys, stolen from a LastPass employee, to duplicate customer vault data.

These stolen vaults, held in a unique binary format, contained a mix of encrypted and unencrypted data. This included:

  • Web addresses
  • Customer names
  • Emails
  • Phone numbers
  • And billing details.

As a password management provider ourselves, we want our competitors to succeed too. We all aim to increase overall security. Unfortunately, events like this can shake trust in the entire cybersecurity sector.

On the positive side, these incidents often drive companies to enhance their security measures. Just like car safety improves in response to crashes, breaches ideally push us towards better security.

We recognize that many LastPass users, particularly business users, are seriously worried about the safety of their password data, and are actively hunting for an alternative solution.

Looking For A New Business Password Manager?

If you’re a LastPass user thinking about a different business password management solution after this breach, we suggest taking a look at Uniqkey.

Here’s why Uniqkey might be a good fit for your business:

  • All password and confidential data in Uniqkey are encrypted and stored locally on the user’s device for continuous protection.
  • Uniqkey’s built-in two-factor authentication autofill feature eliminates the need for any third-party provider, unlike LastPass’s reliance on Twilio for 2FA.
  • Our data centers are in Denmark, and they meet strict European data protection and storage rules.
  • The Danish Defence used and tested Uniqkey in a 3-year pilot project. Check out their feedback here.
  • Uniqkey is ISAE 3402 certified, following ISO 27001 controls, and it uses both Zero-knowledge Proof & Secure Remote Password Protocol.

For a more detailed breakdown, have a look at our comprehensive LastPass vs Uniqkey comparison resource.

Making The Switch is Easy

Despite the current challenges in the password management market, we believe that well-informed businesses can make the best decisions for themselves.

If you believe its time for your business to make the switch away from LastPass, moving to Uniqkey is a simple, frictionless process, and our team will guide you all the way.

Thanks for spending your time reading this post. We hope it helps you decide on the right path forward.


Uniqkey is the perfect password management solution for teams and businesses. Built with high usability in mind, Uniqkey makes it easy for employees to adopt secure password habits, raising company-wide security in a simple and effective way.