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Automate Two Factor Authentication

Automate Two Factor Authentication Process With 2FA Autofill

As you probably know, two-factor authentication (2FA) is a powerful security measure that strengthens your login security by requiring that you provide a second piece of information, like a security code, along with usual login details. According to Microsoft, this extra step prevents up to 99.9% of the most common account attacks.

While applying 2FA to your account improves your security significantly, it also adds an element of friction that most people find inconvenient.

2FA Autofill (or automatic 2FA, as some users may know it by) is our unique feature that automates the two-factor authentication process. By acting as an authenticator app, Uniqkey stores two-factor codes directly and auto-fills them for you when you need to log into a service where you have enabled 2FA. This way Uniqkey replaces stand-alone authenticator apps like Microsoft Authenticator.

How 2FA Autofill Works

To use Uniqkey as an authenticator, you simply need to set up 2FA on a given account as you normally would (this process usually involves scanning a QR code or entering a secret key).

When you arrive at the step where you need to connect to an authenticator app like Microsoft or Google Authenticator, you choose Uniqkey instead.

If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide on how to do this, see our 2FA setup guide here.

How do I automate TOTP authentication?

2FA Autofill is one of our most loved features as it completely removes the friction added by two-factor authentication.

Let’s say you need to log into your Microsoft account, where you have enabled 2FA.

Before using Uniqkey, you would have to enter your login details, open up a second app, find the relevant code, copy it and then paste it into the login field. This takes time and can quickly become frustrating if you miss the code before it expires.

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With our 2FA Autofill feature, all you need to do is click the blue Uniqkey icon, choose the account you wish to access, and Uniqkey will automatically enter your login credentials, including the two-factor authentication code.

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This seamless process logs you in effortlessly without any additional input required from you, saving you time and effort.

Main Benefits

The main benefits of the 2FA Autofill feature are these:

  • Reduced login friction: 2FA Autofill simplifies your login process by automatically filling in two-factor codes, making logins quicker and hassle-free.
  • Increased security: the use of 2FA effectively prevents up to 99.9% of cyberattacks.
  • No need for authenticator app: Uniqkey serves as both a password manager and an authenticator app, eliminating the need for separate standalone authenticator apps like Microsoft Authenticator.
  • Increased 2FA adoption: By minimizing friction when using 2FA, our 2FA Autofill feature makes the process more convenient and user-friendly. As a result, people are more likely to want to use and keep using 2FA.

Tips For Getting the Most Out of the Feature

  • Ensure that you enable 2FA on all your critical work accounts.
  • Get familiar with the 2FA setup process. This way, you can benefit from increased security and login speed on more of your accounts.


In summary, Uniqkey’s 2FA Autofill is a game-changing feature designed to automate the two-factor authentication process, enhancing security while making logins quicker and more seamless.

It eliminates the need for separate authenticator apps, encourages higher adoption rates of 2FA due to its convenience, and promises a user-friendly experience. By streamlining the security process, 2FA Autofill ensures that protecting your accounts doesn’t have to be cumbersome, fostering a safer and more efficient digital environment.

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